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A vigorous INVESTMENT PROCESS focusing on your specific risk/return needs

TEB Asset Management which was established in 1999, is carrying out its operations as subsidiary of BNP IP, which is a global player in asset management business and which has adopted customer-focused service model and TEB which is one of the leading bank in Turkey with more than 500 branches. The followings are the business lines in which TEB Asset Management actively operates: Mutual Funds Management, Pension Funds Management, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory Services.

The primary goal of incorporation of TEB Asset Management is to define the financial instruments that are suitable to the risk profile of individual and corporate investors and to manage their portfolio and thus ensure optimum use within this framework.

TEB Asset Management carries out The mutual funds management business, of which founders are TEB (www.teb.com.tr) and TEB Securities , discretionary portfolio management in compliance with the risk / return preferences of the individual and the corporate investors as they own have defined, having certain savings in addition to the management of Pension Funds in which founders are BNP Paribas Cardif Pension Company and Anadolu Pension Company. Please visit www.cardif.com.tr for further information regarding BNP Paribas Cardif Pension Company and its Pension Funds.

The areas where our company is strong and builds up a competitive advantage

The areas, where - TEB Asset Management is strong and builds up a competitive advantage are the following:

Global Power Sharing
Within the framework of the merger with BNP Paribas in 2005, the synergy that was created by the know-how acquired from BNP Paribas Asset Management, which is the asset management company of Paribas, was further strengthened and along with the permission granted by current regulations, numerous products, which had never existed in Turkey before, like principal protected funds, were offered to investors.

An Innovative Culture:
New products are being launched and it is targeted to sign off the firsts in this regard. Within this framework different versions of principal protected funds were launched and also hedge funds as well as foreign security funds, composed of Brazilian / Russian / Indian and Chinese securities, in BRIC type were established.

Wide Distribution Network:
A new practice was commenced in Turkey by distributing the managed funds through other channels as well and addition of new channels to the existing ones was set as one of the most important targets.

Staff Quality
High level of experience and skill of the staff, with a majority having international experience, is a great advantage.

Achievement at special funds
It is the portfolio management company, which has the greatest share in total funds requiring management skills.

Complete compliance with regulations
The Internal Control and risk department, which is under the responsibility of a manager who has worked at regulatory and auditory authorities, conducts its operations according to current legislation, communiquÚs and code of conduct of the company (defined limits).

Management and Consulting of International Funds
Management of the international funds, which had formerly been managed by BNP Paribas Asset Management and which had invested in investment instruments tools in Turkey, were taken over. Also, consulting service is rendered for the fund, carried out by BNPP Asset Management and which invests in developing countries.

Customer Focused Service Concept
It is targeted to get benefit from the wide product range offered by TEB by analyzing the risk perception and the expectations on return of customers.

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