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Investment Processes
Risk Management
TEB Portfolio is one of the market leaders in the field of international funds, too

TEB AMĺs Risk Management Procedures

There is a risk centre, which identifies the investment procedures at TEB Portf÷y Y÷netimi.

Every single stage of the investment process is being closely monitored:

  • Monitoring customer portfolios
  • Controlling assets distribution
  • Quality of investment environment

Thanks to the Risk Specialist, whose global experience includes BNP Paribas as well, the risk measurement and management procedures are implemented in such topics like market risk and credit risk.

The tasks of the Monthly Market Risks Committee

  • Monitors fund and discretionary portfolio management performances
  • Monitors the relevant other party's risk and liquidity risk all assets groups
  • Monitors VaR (the sum to be lost in 1 day with 99% probability), stress test, volatility (the fluctuation of the stock quotation or the market in short period of time), overlap ratio (measurement of the correlation of the portfolio with the index, by comparing with the share percentages in the index).
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