TE3 - TEB Asset Management Absolute Return Targeted Variable Fund

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The fund is managed with a long-term investment perspective, with the aim of generating returns higher than TRY deposit rates. While the fund fundamentally aims to generate a consistent return in money market instruments, as well as government and corporate bonds, it also targets absolute return by taking long or short positions to catch the downward or upward movements in equity shares, debt instruments, and FX markets. The fund may use leverage for hedging and/or investment purposes. It aims to invest in gold and similar precious metals, as well as other money and capital market instruments, and derivative instruments based on these instruments and financial indices (swap, forward, and option contracts) to take advantage of their returns. Asset allocation of the portfolio is managed actively to achieve this purpose. Foreign investment instruments can be included in the fund portfolio however, they cannot be equal to or exceed 50% of the total value of the fund. Money and capital market instruments of local and foreign issuers, issued in FX, which are included in the fund portfolio, cannot permanently correspond to or exceed 80% of the total value of the fund.

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