Investment Process

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Investment Process

A safe and targeted investment process!

We are a team with a focus on clients who we see as our partners and for whom we seek to provide innovative solutions for their evolving financial needs We implement this philosophy by exploiting the vast opportunities that are present in emerging economies like Turkey which carries great potential to generate above average returns We believe an active portfolio management with understanding of global and local market dynamics, strong experience and a disciplined fundamental approach can take advantage of this potential and deliver significant return.

Asset Allocation Committee

We hold regular monthly meetings to analyze macro data and market conditions to guide our active investment approach and asset allocation strategies. Our asset allocation committe also values TEB A.Ş. & BNP Paribas views and aim to come up with general comments on asset classes. Decisions taken by the Committee are guidance and binding for the asset managers.

Equity Investment Approach

Growth at a reasonable price ( seeking medium and large capitalization companies with high visibility and durable growth, and which are undervalued in relation to their medium term earnings prospects. Fixed Income Investment Approach Inefficiencies along the yield curve can be exploited through an active portfolio management We take advantage of the opportunities in the bond market by applying diversified set of strategies including credit exposure, yield curve positioning and duration management.

Multi Asset Investment Approach

Multi Asset desk invests across a wide range of asset classes with a target to keep risk adjusted returns in line with the individual fund mandates The desk also opportunistically utilizes tactical asset allocation to enhance returns without compromising the overall portfolio's risk level.


Research team supports Asset Allocation Committe with their detailed analysis on macro Outlook and wide range of asset classes. In this perspective, they continuously follow local and global investment reports, examine them and process their investment model and give feedback to asset managers.