WHere Can I Purchase TEB AM Funds?

How Do I Buy a Mutual Fund? 

Analyze our mutual funds investing in a broad range of different asset classes. Utilize TEB Asset Management expertise and follow the steps to buy the mutual funds. How Do I Buy TEB Asset Management Mutual Funds? You can easily buy our mutual funds through Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) channels. We offer multiple alternatives to buy and sell the funds. TEB Clients can buy and sell funds through;

TEB Clients can buy and sell funds through;

(iOS ve Android)
TEB Website
CEPTETEB Website, or
TEB Branches.
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Where can I purchase TEB AM Funds?

Open Fund Platform TEFAS allows you to buy TEB Asset Management funds through all distributors registered in the platform. Easily follow the steps below:

For Clients of Other Institutions*;

  • Log in to online/mobile branch of your Bank or intermediary institution.
  • Select investment transactions menu.
  • Access fund buy & sell transactions.
  • Select TEB Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş. from the Founder field.
  • Select the name of the fund that you want to trade.
  • Enter the amount of your investment or the number of the fund shares that you want to purchase.
  • Review your details and complete your transaction.

For the funds that are not registered in and traded through TEFAS, you can buy them through the institutions that are active distributors of TEB Asset Management Funds with a signed Exclusive Fund Distribution Contract. Invest in your future and benefit from the special services offered by TEB Asset Management.

*This is a general information for digital channels of other institutions, please contact your institution for detailed information.